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On today's episode:

Krystal is a Feng Shui Designer & Clutter Expert who teaches soul-driven leaders how to use feng shui the right way to create peace and prosperity in all areas of their lives.

Using her proprietary framework The Designed Life Method℠ Mind, Body, Soul, Home, she helps her clients design spaces & lives they love.

Krystal shows women how to use their workspace as a 3D vision board to help them design who they are becoming & the life they want with it, right into their space.

Krystal serves up straight talk wrapped in love. After all, she understands entrepreneurs’ challenges: Decluttering the limiting beliefs that hold us back from what is possible. Shifting the energy in our environment to align with our soul-driven mission to create the life we are dreaming about with intention and purpose. And making a big impact creating the world we want to live in today.

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